InfoReisebericht, 26.11.2011

Derbysieger with three Swedish BVB-fans

Derbysieger with three Swedish BVB-fansWe wake up at my great friend Sören’s place in Holzwickede. Headache and bloodshot eyes remind us of yesterday’s visit at the Christmas market: Glühwein, Grünkohl and loads of beer. No time for feeling week tough: It’s match day! And not just any match… It’s derby!

German schnitzel

We catch a train for Dortmund and let a typical German schnitzel start the preparations, together with a beer of course. Next stop is the fan shop (you can’t watch a derby not letting everybody know what team is the best!) which we leave dressed up in yellow and black. We are now ready for the arena and on our way there we stop by a pub to meet up with Sören’s brother and his friends. A couple of beers later we approach the Westfalenstadion and the closer we get the more clear we can hear the lovely tones from Südtribüne. Goosebumps is a fact.

Match day

Once there, we have to walk around the stadium to get to our south entrance. On the way there, we meet an ugly “blue wall” of Scheiße fans and we really get to feel the tension. Once inside the arena, it takes a little while until we get the system to buy us some beers, but when that is arranged and we find our seats, we sing the “Heja BVB” song and absorb the atmosphere, and oh what a feeling. With nice seats to the right of the “yellow wall” at Südtribüne and 81 000 people at the arena we feel that Allsvenskan in Sweden is quite pale with an average audience for our team Elfsborg of approx. 10 000 people (which is a high number in Sweden).

Not long into the game, more precisely after 16 minutes Lewandowski scores 1-0 and the whole stadium is boiling! We are showered in beer and hugging stranger Germans all around us, what a feeling! We intoxicate ourselves in both the beer and the derby atmosphere and after 61 minutes, it's time again when Santana makes 2-0 for Borussia and another cascade of beer reach us and we all dance around like little children on Christmas.

When the referee call off the game the feeling is hard to describe, we just say, Derbysieger!

Geschrieben von Daniel Carlsson, Christoffer Johansson & Jon Åsander (SWE)